How To Set Leupold Zero Stop

Achieving consistent accuracy in long-range shooting requires careful adjustments and a reliable zeroing mechanism. Leupold Zero Stop provides shooters with the ability to make adjustments to their scopes without losing their initial zero settings. This feature ensures that shooters can quickly and confidently return to their desired zero point after dialing in elevation adjustments.

Step No.DescriptionTools Required
1Gather all necessary tools and materials.Leupold scope, Leupold Zero Stop kit, Allen wrenches, cleaning cloth.
2Remove the scope from the rifle.None
3Install the Leupold Zero Stop kit onto the elevation knob of the scope.Allen wrenches, Leupold Zero Stop kit
4Adjust the Zero Stop indicator to the desired position.Allen wrenches
5Reinstall the scope onto the rifle.None
6Verify the Zero Stop setting by adjusting the elevation and then returning to the Zero Stop position.None
7Test the Zero Stop under various shooting conditions.Rifle, range
8Clean the scope and tools after completing the Zero Stop setup.Cleaning cloth

Understanding Leupold Zero Stop

Leupold Zero Stop works by utilizing a mechanism within the elevation turret that prevents it from turning below the original zero point. This feature allows shooters to make temporary adjustments for bullet drop compensation while retaining the ability to return to their original zero setting effortlessly. It provides a reliable reference point for shooters to reset their scopes, ensuring consistent accuracy.

Initial Setup

Before setting up Leupold Zero Stop, it is crucial to ensure that your rifle and scope are securely mounted and properly aligned. Follow these steps to perform the initial setup:

  • Mount your scope securely on the rifle using appropriate rings or mounts.
  • Level the scope using a scope leveling tool to ensure it is aligned with the rifle’s bore.
  • Torque all mounting screws to the manufacturer’s recommended specifications.

Determining the Desired Zero Point

To set up Leupold Zero Stop effectively, you need to determine the desired zero point for your rifle. Follow these steps:

  • Take your rifle to a shooting range or a suitable shooting area.
  • Set up targets at a known distance, preferably the distance at which you want to zero your rifle.
  • Fire a group of shots and note the point of impact.
  • Make adjustments to your scope’s elevation turret until the point of impact matches your desired zero point.

Setting the Zero Stop

Once you have determined the desired zero point, you can proceed to set up the Leupold Zero Stop feature. Follow these steps:

  • Locate the zero-stop feature on your Leupold riflescope. It is typically found on the elevation turret.
  • Loosen the zero-stop set screws using the appropriate tools.
  • Rotate the elevation turret counterclockwise until it reaches the zero point you established in Step 2.
  • Once the turret is at the desired zero point, tighten the zero-stop set screws securely.
  • Verify that the elevation turret cannot rotate below the zero point by attempting to turn it counterclockwise.

Testing and Fine-Tuning

After setting up Leupold Zero Stop, it is essential to test and fine-tune your zero settings. Follow these steps:

  • Take your rifle back to the shooting range or shooting area.
  • Set up targets at various distances to test the accuracy of your zero settings.
  • Fire groups of shots at each distance and make note of any deviations from the desired point of impact.
  • If necessary, make slight adjustments to your scope’s elevation turret to correct any deviations and improve accuracy.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

Can I install Leupold Zero Stop on any Leupold riflescope?

Yes, most Leupold riflescope models are compatible with the Zero Stop feature. However, it is advisable to check the product specifications or consult with Leupold customer support to ensure compatibility with your specific scope model.

Can I adjust the zero point after setting up Leupold Zero Stop?

Yes, you can make adjustments to your zero point if needed. Simply loosen the zero-stop set screws, rotate the elevation turret to the desired zero point, and tighten the set screws securely.

Does setting up Leupold Zero Stop affect windage adjustments?

No, Leupold Zero Stop is specifically designed for elevation adjustments and does not impact windage adjustments. You can make windage adjustments as necessary without affecting the zero-stop feature.

Can I use Leupold Zero Stop for different bullet weights or loads?

Yes, Leupold Zero Stop can be used for different bullet weights or loads. However, keep in mind that significant changes in bullet weight or load may require adjustments to your zero settings.

Is Leupold Zero Stop suitable for all shooting disciplines?

Leupold Zero Stop is particularly beneficial for long-range shooting disciplines where precise adjustments are crucial. However, it can also be advantageous for other shooting disciplines that require quick and accurate zeroing.


Setting up Leupold Zero Stop is a straightforward process that ensures shooters can make accurate and consistent shots at varying distances. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can effectively utilize this feature and maintain your desired zero settings without the risk of losing accuracy. Take the time to set up Leupold Zero Stop correctly, and you will enhance your shooting experience.

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