How Many 17 Calibers Are There

The world of firearms is characterized by various calibers, each designed for specific purposes. The 17 caliber category has gained popularity among hunters, sport shooters, and varmint control enthusiasts. In this article, we will explore the various 17 calibers, their characteristics, and their applications.

17 CaliberBullet Diameter
.17 Remington.172 inches
.17 Remington Fireball.172 inches
.17 Hornet.172 inches
.17 Ackley Hornet.172 inches
.17 Mach IV.172 inches
.17 Remington AAC.172 inches
.17 Winchester Super Magnum.172 inches
.17 Remington Ultra Mag.172 inches
.17 Winchester Super Magnum Magnum.17 inches
.17 Hornet Ackley Improved.1808 inches

What is a Caliber

Let’s define a caliber before diving into the details of 17 calibers. In firearms, caliber refers to the internal diameter of the gun barrel or the diameter of the bullet. It plays a crucial role in determining the performance and characteristics of a particular firearm.

The Popularity of 17 Calibers

Over the years, 17 calibers have gained significant popularity due to their unique attributes and performance. These calibers offer exceptional accuracy, flat trajectory, and minimal recoil, making them ideal for varmint hunting and precision shooting.

The Various 17 Calibers

There are several 17 calibers available in the market, each with its own specifications. Let’s take a closer look at some of the most popular ones:

.17 Hornady Magnum Rimfire (HMR)

  • The .17 HMR is a rimfire cartridge known for its high velocity and accuracy. It delivers a flat trajectory and is commonly used for small-game hunting and target shooting.

.17 Hornet

The .17 Hornet is a centerfire cartridge developed for varmint hunting and pest control. It offers excellent accuracy and minimal recoil, making it a favorite among hunters who require precision shots.

.17 Remington

The .17 Remington is a high-velocity centerfire cartridge designed for long-range varmint hunting. It has a reputation for superb accuracy and flat trajectory, making it a popular choice among seasoned shooters.

Characteristics and Performance

When considering a 17 caliber, it’s important to understand its key characteristics and performance factors. Let’s explore some of these aspects:

Velocity and Trajectory

17 calibers are known for their high velocities, allowing bullets to reach targets quickly. This and their flat trajectories ensure precise shots over longer distances.

Accuracy and Recoil

Due to their smaller bullet size and higher velocities, 17 calibers often exhibit exceptional accuracy. Additionally, their minimal recoil aids in maintaining target focus and follow-up shots.

Purpose and Applications

17 calibers excel in varmint hunting, pest control, and precision shooting. Their high velocity and accuracy make them suitable for small games such as rabbits, squirrels, and groundhogs.

Comparing the 17 Calibers

When comparing the various 17 calibers, it’s crucial to consider factors like bullet weight, velocity, and energy. Each caliber has its advantages and limitations, so it’s essential to choose one that aligns with your specific needs and preferences.

Advantages and Disadvantage

While 17 calibers offer numerous advantages, they also have certain drawbacks. Some advantages include their flat trajectories, high velocities, and excellent accuracy. On the other hand, disadvantages may include limited bullet availability and slightly higher ammunition costs compared to more common calibers.

Choosing the Right 17 Caliber

Selecting the right 17 calibers depends on your intended use, shooting preferences, and local regulations. Consider factors such as intended targets, shooting distances, and availability of ammunition to make an informed decision.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Are all 17 calibers suitable for varmint hunting?

17 calibers are generally well-suited for varmint hunting due to their high velocities, accuracy, and flat trajectories. However, bullet weight and local regulations should also be considered.

Can I use a 17 caliber for larger game hunting?

While 17 calibers are primarily designed for small game and varmint hunting, the .17 Winchester Super Magnum (WSM) can handle medium-sized games with proper shot placement and within appropriate distances.

Are there any downsides to using 17 calibers?

One potential downside of using 17 calibers is the limited availability of bullet options compared to more common calibers. Additionally, ammunition costs for 17 calibers may be slightly higher.

What is the effective range of 17 calibers?

The effective range of 17 calibers depends on bullet weight, velocity, and shooting conditions. In general, they are effective within distances of 200 to 300 yards.

Can I reload my ammunition for 17 calibers?

Yes, it is possible to reload your ammunition for 17 calibers. However, reloading requires specific knowledge and equipment, so following proper reloading practices and safety guidelines is essential.


In conclusion, the world of firearms offers diverse calibers, each catering to different needs and preferences. The 17 calibers, with their impressive velocities, accuracy, and minimal recoil, have carved a niche for themselves. Whether you’re a varmint hunter, a sport shooter, or a precision enthusiast, exploring the realm of 17 calibers opens up exciting possibilities for your shooting pursuits.

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