Discovering the Difference between the 300 WM and 300 WSM

.300 Wm Vs .300 Wsm

Are you a hunting enthusiast looking for a rifle that can handle the toughest conditions? The .300 Wm and .300 Wsm are two of the most popular cartridges in the hunting world. While they may seem similar, there are crucial differences that set them apart. In this article, we will compare the .300 Wm vs .300 Wsm to help you make an informed decision.

Criteria.300 Win Mag.300 WSM
Cartridge TypeBelted, bottleneckedBelted, bottlenecked
Bullet Diameter.308 inches.308 inches
Case Length2.62 inches2.10 inches
Overall Length3.34 inches2.86 inches
Standard Bullet Weight150-200 grains150-200 grains
Muzzle Velocity (150 grains)3,300 fps3,350 fps
Muzzle Energy (150 grains)3,800 ft-lbs3,900 ft-lbs
Recoil Energy (150 grains)27.8 ft-lbs22.6 ft-lbs
Effective Range (150 grains)500-800 yards400-600 yards
AccuracyHighly accurateHighly accurate
AvailabilityWidely availableLess common
PriceModerately expensiveModerately expensive
Suitable GameBig game, long-range shootingBig game, medium-range shooting
300 Wm Vs 300 Wsm

300 Wm Vs 300 Wsm

300 Wm

The .300 Winchester Magnum (Wm) is a long-range cartridge designed for big game hunting. It is a versatile cartridge that can be used for hunting elk, deer, and other large game animals. The .300 Wm has a longer case length than the .300 Wsm, which allows it to hold more powder and generate higher velocities.

300 Wsm

The .300 Winchester Short Magnum (Wsm) is a shorter, fatter cartridge that was designed to deliver the same performance as the .300 Wm in a shorter package. The .300 Wsm has a shorter case length, which makes it easier to handle and faster to reload. It also generates less recoil than the .300 Wm.

300 Wm Vs 300 Wsm: What’s the Difference?

The main difference between these two cartridges is their size. The .300 Wm is a bigger cartridge than the .300 Wsm, which means it can shoot heavier bullets at longer ranges. However, this also means it has a bigger recoil and is more expensive. On the other hand, the .300 Wsm is a smaller cartridge with a lighter bullet, but it has lesser recoil and is less expensive.

Ballistics Comparison

The .300 Wm has a flatter trajectory and greater range than the .300 Wsm due to its higher velocities. The .300 Wsm, on the other hand, has a shorter, fatter case that provides better powder combustion and generates less recoil. The .300 Wsm has a shorter effective range than the .300 Wm but is still capable of delivering a lethal blow to big game animals at medium ranges.

Recoil Comparison

The .300 Wm generates more recoil than the .300 Wsm due to its higher velocities and longer case length. The .300 Wsm, on the other hand, generates less recoil and is easier to manage, making it a great choice for hunters who are sensitive to recoil.

Accuracy Comparison

Both the .300 Wm and .300 Wsm are accurate cartridges capable of delivering sub-MOA accuracy. However, the .300 Wm has a flatter trajectory and greater range due to its higher velocities, making it a better choice for long-range shooting.

Hunting Applications

The .300 Wm and .300 Wsm are both excellent cartridges for hunting big game animals like elk, deer, and moose. The .300 Wm is a better choice for long-range hunting due to its higher velocities and flatter trajectory, while the .300 Wsm is a better choice for medium-range hunting due to its lower recoil and faster reloading.

Price Comparison

The .300 Wm is generally more expensive than the .300 Wsm due to its longer case length and higher velocities. However, both cartridges are relatively affordable and offer excellent performance for their price.

Why Choose .300 Wm Vs .300 Wsm?

  • If you need longer range and accuracy, go for .300 Wm.
  • If you prefer lesser recoil and lower cost, go for .300 Wsm.
  • Consider your budget and the type of game you’ll be hunting.
  • Choose the cartridge that fits your needs and preferences.

Pros of .300 Wm

  • Longer range and accuracy.
  • Heavier bullet for hunting larger game.
  • Widely used and proven cartridge.

Cons of .300 Wm

  • Bigger recoil, which can be uncomfortable for some shooters.
  • More expensive than .300 Wsm.

Pros of .300 Wsm

  • Lesser recoil, which can be more comfortable for some shooters.
  • Less expensive than .300 Wm.

Cons of .300 Wsm

  • Shorter range and accuracy than .300 Wm.
  • Lighter bullet may not be suitable for hunting larger game.

.300 Wm Vs .300 Wsm: Which is the Best and Why You Choose?

The best cartridge for you depends on your personal preferences and hunting applications. If you are a long-range shooter who values high velocities and flatter trajectories, the .300 Wm is the best choice for you. If you are a medium-range hunter who values lower recoil and faster reloading, the .300 Wsm is the best choice for you.


In conclusion, both .300 Wm and .300 Wsm are excellent cartridges with their own unique features. We hope this article has helped you compare these two cartridges and make an informed decision. Happy hunting!

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Wm and Wsm stand for?

Wm stands for Winchester Magnum, and Wsm stands for Winchester Short Magnum.

What is the effective range of the .300 Wsm?

Which cartridge is better for hunting?

It depends on the type of game you’ll be hunting. If you’re hunting larger game, .300 Wm may be a better choice because it can shoot heavier bullets.

Which cartridge is better for long-range shooting, the .300 Wm or .300 Wsm?

The .300 Wm is better for long-range shooting due to its higher velocities and flatter trajectory.

Which cartridge is more widely used?

300 Wm is more widely used and has been around for a longer time, while .300 Wsm is a relatively new cartridge and is less popular.

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